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Powder coating is a type of colored enamel/finish that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. Unlike conventional liquid paint, powder coating is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat. This process creates a hard finish that is tougher and lasts significantly longer than conventional paint. 


Expect your powder coated calipers to maintain their appearance for a VERY long time. The thermal bonding process ensures resistance to many damaging factors and a simple cleaning process of light scrubbing with water, leaving the color intact. Enjoy vibrant colors for a long time without acquiring chemical or scrubbing damages.


Resistant to chipping, fading, scratching and typical wear. This protects it against sunlight and other environmental factors. It also protects against RUST - which is a big danger to parts exposed to the outdoor air and moisture during harsh winter conditions.


Powder adheres to surfaces through an electrical charge, so it doesn’t require harsh chemicals or solvents. This eliminates any use of volatile organic compounds (VOC's - which are often found in traditional liquid paints) whose use is actively discouraged by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to their extreme danger to our environment.


Brake calipers receive a lot of punishment during thousands of miles of driving. Calipers that are used in high heat situations and have seen many heat cycles are in need of proper service. 

The caliper seal is designed to hold pressure in the caliper. Old, hard, deformed, and/or overworked seals lose their ability to work properly with the seal to piston interface.

If your calipers are leaking or need a general refresh, the rebuild will cover replacement of all seals internal and external to the caliper. We can rebuild most all aftermarket caliper brands such as StopTech, Brembo, Rotora, etc.


Our brake caliper rebuild service includes a full inspection on all 4 calipers, new seals, and boots. 


We can add custom die-cut decals on top of your fresh powder coated calipers! 

Whether its replacing the original decal, or a custom font/logo, we can do whatever you want! 

We have a variety of font options & vinyl colors to choose from. 


Personalized to your style to make your vehicle's brake calipers truly stand out in a crowd.


Ceramic coating is a layer of polymer that is applied to the surface of your powder coat (or your car) that essentially fills in any imperfections or grooves in your paint.

Ceramic coating can be applied to all types of powder coating finishes; matte, satin-textured, polished, glossy, machine finish, or powder-coated.


Your brake calipers won't get as dirty; brake dust, grease & other debris doesn't stick as well because of the smooth surface ceramic coating creates. 


The biggest benefit of all, a ceramic coat truly brings out your powder coated part’s best features. The shine and smooth texture with a ceramic coat will make your brake calipers look brand new for years to come. It makes the finish of your powder coat (especially bright/neon colors) pop.

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