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2000-2009 Honda S2000 (S2k) Powder Coating Service

2000-2009 Honda S2000 (S2k) Powder Coating Service

Upgrade and customize the look of your car with our powder coating services! 

Please reference this powder coat color list to choose your coating color. You'll see that each color has a name (Ex: Passion Red) & an item number. (Ex: PSS-4783). Providing us with this information helps to ensure the right color is communicated and delivered.


- LONGEVITY: Expect your powder coated parts to maintain their appearance for a VERY long time. The thermal bonding process ensures resistance to many damaging factors and a simple cleaning process of light scrubbing with water, leaving the color intact. Enjoy vibrant colors for a long time without acquiring chemical or scrubbing damages.


- DURABILITY: Resistant to chipping, fading, scratching and typical wear. This protects it against sunlight and other environmental factors. It also protects against RUST - which is a big danger to parts exposed to the outdoor air and moisture during harsh winter conditions.


- ECO-FRIENDLY: Powder adheres to surfaces through an electrical charge, so it doesn’t require harsh chemicals or solvents. This eliminates any use of volatile organic compounds (VOC's - which are often found in traditional liquid paints) whose use is actively discouraged by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to their extreme danger to our environment.


Expand the sections below for additional details on each customization option we have available. Choose which of these options you would like to include with your service and then select "Add to Cart" to complete your order.


If any of the parts you send in to us appear to be in need of hardware replacement or repairs, our coating experts will reach out to you with any additional servicing recommendations.

  • Single-Stage & Two-Stage Colors:
    There are several examples when multiple coats of powder will be involved in the coating process. It's common to add an optional clear coat stage - providing a glossy finish & extra layer of protection. 

    Some colors require a clear coat stage:

    • Chrome & Metallic Colors need a clear coat to protect them from oxidizing.
    • Candy Colors require a chrome base to create the "candy" texture dimension.

    Please reference this powder coat color list to choose your coating color. You'll see that each color has a name (Ex: Passion Red) & an item number. (Ex: PSS-4783). Providing us with this information helps to ensure the right color is communicated and delivered.


    Note: Please read the description for your chosen color to see if it is a single-stage color or if it requires a two-stage top coat color

    If you're having trouble locating your perfect color, or if you have a photo of a certain color you'd like to match, please contact us and one of our coating professionals will be happy to assist you! 

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